Stroke Foundation FAST Campaign

The Stroke Foundation of NZ wanted to increase the awareness of key signs of stroke amongst key New Zealand audiences.

We had a limited budget, so rather than try and spread ourselves too thinly across the country, we developed a pilot campaign based in a high-density target audience area – the Waikato NZ.

The aim was to develop a model campaign that, if successful, could easily be scaled up to national role-out when funds allowed.

Using the internationally recognised acronym F.A.S.T, we developed a multi channel campaign compromising of television, print and digital promotion, including Facebook and Google display/text, and community-based collateral items.

Our work included development of strategy, creative and production.

Results for this initial pilot campaign were hugely successful (including in comparison to similar campaigns from around the world), creating a model campaign for future role out –

900% increase in visitors to web site

3000% increase in web site page views

5000% greater click-through rate than average Facebook advertising campaign

Increase in awareness of all 3 signs of stroke amongst our target audience from 2/10 people pre-campaign to 4/10 post campaign. A 50% shift, after a target of 10% shift.