Brand development programme.

We worked with technology company Techtonics to establish a new brand positioning, value proposition and identity, to help them stand out in a highly competitive market place.

With a very strong history and reputation, we needed to reflect a business that was people-focused, while being at the leading edge of business technology systems. In order to help retain this equity, we retained the Techtonics name, and moved all other aspects of the identity away from tech-language and feel.

Based on the very strong people and outcome focus, we developed the positioning of ‘better ways of working.’ It provided us with a fresh message platform on which base a graphic approach which stands out in its sector and gives the organisation the ability to discuss broader solutions with clients as well as grow a strong partner network to provide even more dimension to the offer.

The new positioning has also helped inform an ongoing internal culture development programme, helping the team to continually explore and find better ways of working for themselves and their clients.

Our work included brand strategy, brand identity design, identity application and brand guidelines development for on-going internal implementation.