Contact Energy – internal transformation platform

Mau Taniwha, Mauri Ora – enabling transformation through energy and wellbeing.

Contact Energy have a strong and enduring relationship with the land and tangata whenua so when they wanted to help enable their internal transformation programme, embracing te ao Māori (the Māori world view) was an ideal opportunity to help enable the entire organisation to be part of their journey of understanding and reflection of respect.

  • Internal culture platform strategy
  • Cross-cultural written and visual language design
  • Implementation and resource design development
Mau Taniwha, Mauri Ora whakatauākī and English translation sitting on red background
Mau Taniwha, Mauri Ora logo with tagline "Harness energy, create wellbeing" on white background

Our whakatauākī is at the very heart of our messaging. It is made up of four parts, each providing us with the tikanga we are wanting to enable through the Contact team’s collective mahi.

The logo device is a succinct version of the core tohu design, bringing to life the key messages of the whakatauākī that form our programme’s name; Mau Taniwha, Mauri Ora.

Meanings for the specific elements of our taniwha and logo design.

The following designs are concepts only, created to explore potential applications for the visual identity.

“Stephen asked all the questions we hadn’t asked ourselves. He really read the room. He never feels like a consultant, just one of the team coming to guide us, facilitate us.

He has a beautiful way of putting you at ease very quickly. That gives you the space to elicit stories quicker and with meaning. We always felt like we’re in a safe pair of hands.”

Alecia Thompson
Contact Energy