Physical Education New Zealand – brand development

Refreshed visual identity for Physical Education New Zealand.

Teens celebrating sports victory, wearing red football tops. In the background is the new PENZ logo.

We worked with Physical Education New Zealand, Te Ao Kori Aotearoa, to re-imagine their brand in a way that reflected their whakapapa, kaupapa and plans for the future.

  • Brand design strategy
  • Brand identity
  • Cross-cultural brand development
  • Brand collateral design
image of old PENZ logo on left, new PENZ logo on right
Image of PENZ tohu design, in orange, sitting on graduated orange background
Physical Education New Zealand whakatauki and English translation, sitting to the left of the Physical Education New Zealand tohu design, which is in dark red colour.

Our tohu design is a triple takarangi spiral created from manaia forms that personify the three primal components identified in the PENZ whakataukī: te hā, te hou, te koiri (the source, the sound, the movement).  

(NB a manaia is an avian like carving motif that represents connection, mana and movement between different realms).

The lower two thirds of each of the manaia are a stylised three fingered hand emphasising the need to grasp and hold the primal energy/idea. 

The upper thirds of the manaia, the heads and faces represent the later part of the whakataukī: “… whakatipua, whakatuarā, whakanuia, whakamaioha. Ei, ko te ao kori e” (…expand it, champion it, celebrate it, value it. Ei, it is alive).

The overall spiral form represents the interconnectedness of the ideas to each other and to the world of movement. Visually the spiral expresses movement in and out/perpetual flow. This can also be used to express the flow of knowledge and information to and from Physical Education New Zealand.   

(NB The Tūhoe name for spiral ‘takarangi’ literally means to descend from the heavens. In this way it has associations with Tane’s journey to the heavens to retrieve the three baskets of knowledge. Some versions of Tane’s quest say that he ascended to the heavens on the whirlwind path, ‘Te Toi Huarewa’.)  

Physical Education NZ Powerpoint slide designs sitting on an angle, on a light sand coloured background.
Physical Education NZ logo in white, sitting on top of a graduated orange background, containing the Physical Education NZ tohu design in light orange colour.
Physical Education New Zealand document cover designs
Physical Education New Zealand pull up banner

“As an organisation, working with Ramp was a fantastic and rewarding experience. The team understood our needs and delivered a brand that spoke to the heart of who we are and what we hope to achieve. Our brand now better resembles our aspirations for the future. The process of bringing our brand to life exceeded our expectations and we are grateful to the team at Ramp.”

Heemi McDonald

Physical Education New Zealand