Regional Business Partners Network funding

In challenging times, investment in marketing is often one of the first areas that business owners cut. Yet during these times, strong marketing is vital, not only to attract high quality customers, but also to help develop a strong competitive advantage over those who do cut investment, and a stronger position in your market for when more positive times emerge.

This has never been more the case than right now.

With the COVID environment turning business planning on its head, The Regional Business Partners Network has developed a new fund to help businesses gain access to the vital expertise they need to not only help them survive in the COVID environment but to prepare to emerge in a strong position.

This is not a co-funding arrangement or a loan. It is a voucher system that enables businesses to gain access to the expert advice and support that they need.

Find out more about the fund, the process and how to apply here, or call Stephen on 021 701 241 to discuss.

About Ramp’s services for this fund

We provide this range of services to small–medium sized businesses needing marketing and brand expertise to connect and engage with their audiences with greater effectiveness and ease. 

We are offering a one-to-one, or group training session to help you establish marketing clarity for your business and unlock the hidden potential of your brand. 

Over 2-3 sessions, we will work with you to: 

  • Simplify your business’s approach to marketing to make it easier for you to implement and for your customers to understand 
  • Provide clarity for your brand’s messaging to help ensure focus and minimise wastage of messaging and marketing costs 
  • Help articulate a clear point of difference for your business in your market 
  • Explore ways to unlock the potential of everything you are currently doing to provide you with more value, including prioritising key areas of focus
  • Introduce you to simple tips and insights on how to create long-lasting change in the way you attract and interact with potential customers. 

We will capture our work together in a strategy document that will provide clarity and simplicity for your marketing needs. 

The key outcome is to provide you with clarity and direction around some of your most pressing marketing issues.

We will also enable your business and the people within it to become marketing powerhouses, with clarity, strength and purpose that can be applied to everything that your business and your people do.

Find out more about the fund, the process and how to apply here, or call Stephen on 021 701 241 to discuss.