Sam Cooke

Sam has worked with Ramp (and before that with Stephen) for over 12 years, and has developed a huge range of digital media solutions during that time.

He is the driving force behind thinkbox, a strategic web and multimedia design and development company.

Having built his first website in the late 90’s he has an extensive, and award-winning, industry background, and a wealth of knowledge and experience including e-commerce, e-government, online advertising, media communications, information technology and all manner of web systems. He has strong capabilities in web and multimedia coding and programming, animation, design, strategy, information architecture and project management.

Always looking at new ways of stretching the technology to fit the need (rather than the other way round), Sam helps us find out what’s possible in the digital space. An encyclopaedia of digital knowledge, there’s yet to be a digital question that cannot be answered by a quick chat with Sam.