Home Learning – Papa Kāinga TV

Enabling remote learning from home during COVID 19 lock-down, in the absence of online technology.

When Aotearoa went into full lock-down, we worked with the Ministry of Education to create a visual identity and design system to help stand up a new TV channel aimed at the 100,000 kids and their parents who were not able to access online learning.

With the continued learning of over 100,000 kids on the line, we had 2 weeks to go from project brief to on-air TV channel.

  • Brand identity development
  • Design system development
  • In-channel design and animation assets
  • Advertising campaign strategy, creative and production
Home Learning TV logo in yellow, on blue background sits to the left and the te reo Māori version, Papa Kāinga TV is in orange, sitting to the right side.
Picture of teacher Suxy looking at camera smiling, text that says Maths Suzy, sits on bottom left side

A key challenge was to create a design system that resonated with wide ranging audience needs and tastes – children from 2 to 17 years old.

Our core logo, created in English and Te Reo Māori, become the core element that held everything together.

We created a vast array of items from logo, to in-programme backgrounds, screen graphics, programme guides and channel stings.

To help enable the channel to resonate across a wide range of audience needs, we developed a design system made up of three parts:

Design system for Home Learning TV, showing the graphics for Junior school on the left, middle school in the middle and senior school on the right

Growing awareness and creating engagement

To promote the channel we created a campaign comprising of TV and off-line adverts, which we complimented with social media content.

An important aspect of the campaign was to ensure we didn’t attach any stigma to not being able to learn from home through technology.

Instead, we related the reasons to everyday home life – not enough devices, devices broke, running out of date – and also included some tried and true reasons for not doing homework like a monster ate my device.

Facebook post imagery

A rnage of facebook post images depicting various reasons why you might not be able to learn from home through the internet

TV Advertising and social media post videos

Outdoor advertising

Home Learning TV adshel advertisement in red. The headline says "Can't do school online? Watch TV instead!"
Home Learning TV adshel advertisement in blue. At the top of the advert is the Home Learning TV logo and Papa Kāinga TV logo. Under these, the words 'is Back' with channels and time information below.