Fit for a Better World

A multi-channel, multi-partner initiative to help unite our primary sectors under a common purpose and grow towards a prosperous, optimistic future.

It hasn’t been easy for our primary producers. Increasing environmental and reputation issues, fragmented approaches to the international markets, and diminished recognition of their world-class work and produce have all taken a toll.

But now there’s a plan. A plan to help create a future in which our farmers, growers, fishers, makers and crafters can prosper together.

Fit for a Better World is an initiative developed by the Ministry for Primary Industries and Primary Sector Council to help bring the entire primary sector together under a common purpose and way of working.

Underpinned by the Māori concept of Taiao – forming a deep relationship with the natural world – Fit for a Better World is about working together to create a better future for our businesses, our people and our environment.

In a way that reflects the idea of working together, we worked as part of a highly collaborative team of strategists, writers, designers, producers and developers to help launch this new initiative.

Our primary roles in this project were to help develop the overall creative direction and the website for the initiative.

The Fit for a Better World video was developed by Saedi Brand Curators, with writing by Audacity and production by Alexander and Associates.