Visit Ruapehu

Brand positioning and marketing for New Zealand's authentic outdoors region.

Yes, there is the incredible environment, the heart-stopping scenery and the huge choice of outdoor of year-round activities to help you enjoy it all.

But there’s more to the Ruapehu region than that.

There’s a real authenticity to the place and the people, easy access to everything that the area offers and a warm, welcoming feeling you get from the people and the environment – that helps you feel a strong and natural sense of connection to the people and the land.

Whether you have adventure on your mind, or just adventurous at heart, the Ruapehu region offers a wonderful chance to connect with a place, with its people, with our friends and family and with ourselves.

Our positioning is based on the idea that when you spend time in the outdoors together, you not only become closer to nature, but also to each other.

Ruapehu Region’s authentic, unpretentious and easily accessible outdoors provides experiences to be remembered for a lifetime.

The videos shown here are examples of how the positioning is coming to life across work that Visit Ruapehu is developing. These videos were created by Martyn Davies from Plateau Productions.