Wa Ora Montessori School

Brand development and engagement for a very special and unique New Zealand school.

Focusing on educating the whole child, Wa Ora Montessori School is the only school in New Zealand that provides Montessori education for children from playgroup age through to Year 13.

When we were asked to work with the team on developing a new brand identity, we wanted to help ensure that the identity not only stood for what the school offered, but also helped to define Montessori as a whole.

We developed the idea of ‘Let them be more’ to reflect the qualities of both Wa Ora and Montessori as a whole and to provide an emotive, aspirational platform for the new brand to sit on. The platform also extends to provide a new mantra for the school students – ‘Be more’.

Communications brought this to life through identity design, key messages, web site, signage and collateral.

An absolute delight to work on such a fulfilling project and to be able to help Wa Ora Montessori School to express and define their unique role in growing, developing and inspiring young New Zealanders to be the very best they can be.